It should come as no surprise to learn that Lance Armstrong is having a movie made of his life. As if his impressive cycling achievements and successful battle with cancer weren’t enough, the recent scandals surrounding his use of illegal steroids and other drugs have made Armstrong films almost inevitable. With two movies about him already in the works, it’s been announced that Stephen Frears is planning on filming his version of Armstrong’s life, with Ben Foster cast as the disgraced cyclist.

Lance Armstrong’s story is bound to make for fascinating viewing, but what other sports biopics should you be checking out?

Seabiscuit (2003)

Seabiscuit is the story of Seabiscuit, an undersized thoroughbred race horse that was overlooked by its owners because of its attitude until Red Pollard (played by Tobey Maguire) comes along. Pollard has his own difficulties, having been blinded in an illegal boxing match and the pair forge an unlikely bond, their victories together catching the imagination of the American public during the Great Depression.

It’s an uplifting film, a story which shows time and time again the power of determination to succeed against all odds, and it received generally positive reviews on its release. It would appear that the story of Seabiscuit still has the power to inspire many decades on.

If you’re feeling down, Seabiscuit’s the film to pick you up.

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