Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington star in the new movie, 2 Guns, a film about two undercover agents infiltrating a drugs ring.

Unfortunately, their plans go awry, leaving them cast adrift by their superiors and forced to rely on each other to put things right.

Although the pairing of Wahlberg and Washington might not seem an obvious one on the surface, their pairing really works, the two actors demonstrating perfect comedic timing as they play off each other in a film reminiscent of the big buddy-cop movies that were so popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Here are some other odd teams from Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg/Will Ferrell – The Other Guys

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to action movies, a far cry from his early days as rapper Marky Mark, so it’s little surprise that he features on this list. In The Other Guys, a comedy from 2010, he teamed up with Will Ferrell to play a pair of inept cops thrust into the limelight after the unfortunate demise of their station’s top officers (played by Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson). The unlikely duo struggle to work together at first – Ferrell is a forensic accountant who is itching to get his teeth into ‘proper’ police work, while Wahlberg is a disgraced officer, having previously shot the much loved Derek Jeter. But eventually, they manage to find a way of getting on and their skills prove to be essential when it comes to solving the mystery of a jewel heist.

The film is one of the funniest buddy cop comedies ever made, featuring hilarious and outrageous banter – watch out for the scene when Mark Wahlberg compares himself to a lion only to be schooled by tuna. Eva Mendes puts in a strong performance as Ferrell’s stunning wife (a never ending source of astonishment for Wahlberg), who saved him from a miserable life as a pimp. The ridiculous scenarios keep coming, but underneath them all lies a very series message about corporate crime and corruption.

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