Bruce Willis is currently causing a storm worldwide after he gave some very strange interviews.

In an interview with Magic FM to promote his latest movie, Red 2, his co-star Mary Louise Parker looks on bemused as Willis clearly isn’t interested in engaging with the journalist attempting to question him about the film. Not long after, he wore a dressing gown to be interviewed for Daybreak, causing people to question whether the veteran actor has lost the plot – perhaps he doesn’t care any more whether people see his movies?

However, Willis is hardly the first Hollywood A lister to give an interview which left everyone watching cringing. Here’s a selection of other stars who really should stick to their day job.

Joaquin Phoenix

You can’t help but feel that Joaquin Phoenix knows exactly what he’s doing during his infamous interview with David Letterman. Although he’s known for his sometimes disrespectful banter, Letterman is forced to descend further and further into rudeness to provoke a response from Joaquin, who spends the interview being calm and collected and, for the most part, failing to rise to the bait. Letterman probably regretted calling Phoenix out for chewing gum after Phoenix calmly takes it out of his mouth and sticks it underneath his desk and although Letterman may have wished the interview had taken a different route, it certainly made for viewing gold.

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