Summer is well and truly upon us, as is obvious by the pile up of blockbuster comic book movies. Granted, these movies give us the kind of escapism modern Americans need, but sometimes they do things that are unbelievable. I don’t mean like “people can’t fly therefore I don’t believe it.” I mean more like “I can’t believe they just did something so stupid!” As a huge Superman fan, I am probably as bad as it comes with finding all the little idiosyncrasies in a movie like Man of Steel. But still, it’s fun to catch all of the things they did that didn’t really make that much sense. So, without further ado, here are 10 goof up’s from Man of Steel:

10. Skull technology

In one of those moments that probably left a lot of viewers thinking “WTF,” the Codex in Man of Steel appears to be a damaged, engraved skull. Apparently, in a civilization as advanced as Krypton’s, someone discovered the secret to skull storage systems so advanced that it could serve as the repository of genetic material and programming for all future generations of Kryptonians. Really? If it had been a crystal, like they use for all of their other technology, I might have bought it. But a skull?

9. Flying animals.

When Jor-El, played by Russel Crowe, needs a ride, he just whistles for his flying…thing. Granted, there was a lot of fun with it weaving through stone pillars and around buildings on the way, but an animal that big would need to eat a lot of food, and everything looked pretty dry on Krypton. Also, with flying gunships and interstellar technology, wouldn’t the equivalent of a horse strike you as a little…outdated? Anachronistic, even? Granted, it can apparently out-fly what appear to be jet powered military craft before opting to die just atop the platform to Jor-El’s house, but still, wouldn’t a flying car or something be a more likely means of transportation for a top scientist?


What was the deal with a super-advanced culture strapping on fantasy armor before duking it out? Where are the shields? Why so many vulnerable spots? If a blaster just shoots right through it, and it’s got enormous gaps big enough to get someone stabbed while not paying attention, what, exactly, is it protecting anybody from? With all the ado surrounding Jor-El donning the armor, you would think they would have made something of it, but alas, they did not.

7. Mystery Man on a Boat

Why was Clark on a fishing boat? How did they not get his ID when he signed on? Is there no longer security at the port wherever Clark was? Since he hadn’t yet figured out flying, how did Clark get to the oil rig so quickly without being seen and reported by someone who could recognize him?

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  • michelle

    Those were questions I had too.. also why did Clark decide to go “geek” after Lois kept yelling his name over and over. Thanks to the “lack of secrecy” of his identity everyone knew Clark was Superman

  • Jacob Paul Albiston

    Also, how did the military not know that Clark Kent is Superman? I mean the Army DID drop Lois off in Smallville where they knew she was going to talk to the “Alien” as it were, and she screams out Clark! Clark! Also, Superman at the end says, “You’ll never know where I hang up my cape” How could they not know????? They dropped off lois there!!!! Furthermore, Zod himself showed up in Smallville and started Havoc!!!!!!! What the crap????