There are so many great Disney cartoons out there it’s hard to choose just seven to put in this list. Still, I had to make a list and these are seven of my favorite Disney cartoons. What makes these any different than the rest, you ask? These are the ones I would first recommend over any of the others. I’ll tell you why.

1. Beauty and the Beast

When I first saw beauty and the Beast I fell instantly in love with this film. Belle reminded me so much of me, always lost in a book and wishing for adventure and Gaston…well, what can I say. Gaston makes me want to laugh and smack him at the same time. He also has the catchiest tune (no one fights like Gaston, no one bites like Gaston…).

Then there is the singing dinnerware. Who doesn’t’ love chip the little teacup or his mamma the teapot? Who didn’t say “ooh!” as they watched the dishes sing and dance? Yes, this film is amazing. But let’s not forget the best part. The Beast. The Beast is one of those characters we can all identify with. He’s arrogant, self-centered, bossy and he has a really foul temper (don’t we all sometimes). His beastly nature is what draws us to him, he’s something in ourselves we can easily identify with. I only have one problem with this film. I didn’t like the ending. I think the beast looked better as a Beast than a human (I’m pretty sure Belle thought the same).

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  • Sandra

    Anastasia isn’t Disney, Dreamworks did

    • Sandra

      I mean Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.

  • tina

    anastasia wasn’t disney. anastasia was fox. pocahontas was also a real princess, too.

  • kitkat13

    as previously stated, Anastasia isn’t Disney

  • Katrina

    Well at first:
    Anastasia isn’t Disney.
    Mulan isn’t around fourteen – Actually, she’s 16 in the movie.

    Get the facts right. :)

    • Shaker rocking the boat

      I thought Mulan was around 17-18 because her fathers comment makes you think she is a “late bloomer” in finding a suitable husband.

  • Fel



    You guys have my e-mail.

  • Shannon Mcleese

    Anastasia isnt disney, oh dear god its not disney. please check facts before writing supposedly ‘insightful’ comments about how disney added a style to something. They didn’t, because Anastasia isn’t disney.

  • stephanie

    Oh my god ok we get it Anastasia isn’t Disney. Move on people! Get over it we don’t need a million comments saying something we only need to read ONCE.