There are some films that make you dream far beyond our mortal realm. Some of those movies take you deep into your childhood imagination, where fairies and fantasies come to live right before your very eyes. These films not only remain on our minds after the credits have rolled, but they also inspireus to relive our childhood dreams.

1. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is probably the most well known (and well loved) fantasy film of our time. Who can resist Jim Henson’s larger than life puppet creations? A young girl (Sarah) is always stuck at home babysitting her baby brother Toby.

One night, when she feels her dad and step mom have been particularly cruel to her, and her baby brother is crying non-stop, Sarah wishes her brother would be taken away by the goblin king. As wishes in fairy tales go, Toby is swept away by Jarrod, the goblin king. The king, however, is in love with Sarah and promises if she can make it through the Labyrinth in thirteen hours, she can have her baby brother back. If not, he will become a goblin and stay in that realm forever.

Labyrinth is whimsical, fantastical and it has a wonderful soundtrack by none other than the goblin king himself…David Bowie. That’s right, David Bowie sings and dances with puppets and makes it the most amazing think you will ever see on film. With Sarah finding new friends, new courage and growing up along the way, Labyrinth is guaranteed to make you watch it again.

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