There are kids movies out there that are absolutely brilliant to watch no matter how old or young you are. Whenever any of these films comes on TV (okay, sometimes I rent them, too) I have to watch them. This list of five must see kids movies is based on some of my most favorite (and memorable) children’s films and I definitely suggest any of these for any age.

1. Wall-E

Alone on a desolate earth, a little robot named Wall-E has developed his own personality. He was once a trash collector who made tidy little cubes out of waste, but now he is an OCD collector of the strange with a pet cockroach.

One day a probe (EVA) is sent to Earth (which has been deserted for almost a thousand years) in search for plant life. Wall-E falls instantly in love with EVA. However, when EVA finds plant life she systematically goes into directive mode and returns to her ship. Of course, Wall-E stows away, following his true love.

With a ship captain who knows nothing about Earth, a ship computer with an ulterior motive, and every robot on the ship after them, Wall-E and EVA must make sure they get the plant to the captain and the right place before it’s too late and before the other robots can stop them.

There are some very touching scenes in this movie and I’ll admit it, I cried. You will too. But it’s a good cry and it’s a beautiful and amazing movie. You definitely need to see this one.

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  • jangaleon

    it’s actually called EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator).

    • Fel

      Thank you. Came here to the comments just to say this. Her name is EVE, it’s symbolic, WALL-E just calls her “EVA” because it’s cute.

  • Aaron

    Planet 51? Also I hated Despicable Me!