Everyone knows the name Spielberg. This man is a movie legend and has made some of the most amazing, and best loved, films of our time. Whether he was directing, producing, or had any little part in the making of a film, the movie was guaranteed to be magical. Here is a list of the best of Steven Spielberg.

1. Jaws

The theme song just popped into your head, didn’t’ it? Du-du, du-du…yes it’s hard to top Jaws! This movie made everyone afraid of the water. I know people who still won’t go near a beach after seeing this film (which really amazes me, but then again the Burb’s made me a little frightened of my neighbors).

How do you catch a giant man eating shark? You hire the right guy and you get a sturdy boat. This movie is all terror in the water as you watch tourists get eaten and the epic battle between a grizzly fisherman and a great white. It’s like Moby Dick…with more teeth.

2. Close encounters of the third kind

This is one of the most popular alien movies out there. When strange visions send a group of people to Devil’s Mountain, where scientists are already studying an alien ship, people soon discover that the key to communication is music notes and that these aliens are not out to harm us. While the movie does move a little slow, it is still amazing and has a positive message. Still, most people remember the mashed potato sculpture best.

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  • Aaron

    Um….Saving Private Ryan?? Schindler’s List? Catch Me if You Can? Jurassic Park? Lincoln? Some of these, Steven Spielberg was a producer (Back to the Future and the Goonies). The credit for Back to The Future goes to Robert Zemeckis who directed and wrote it. Yes The Goonies story was by Steven Spielberg but the screenplay was written by Chris Columbus. Come on now writer! Steven Spielberg was just a small part of those movies.

    • Nicholas Stalnaker

      The producer is a HUGE part of a movie and he had a large amount of creative input into those movies. The only one on the list that is definitely not a Steven Spielberg movie in any way, shape or form is The Blues Brothers, he just had a ten second on-screen cameo in that.