Once again I’m giving you a list of films from one of our favorite movie makers, James Cameron. A brilliant writer, producer and filmmaker, Cameron is well known in Hollywood and well-loved for some of his most remembered characters and his most beloved films. Here is a short list of Cameron’s most popular movies to curl up to on a Friday night movie date. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Avatar

Avatar is an epic animated film (not a cartoon, but computer generated) about an alien race who inhabit a planet slowly being taken over by human who are digging up the planets resources. One human is meant to speak to the race of beings through an Avatar that looks like them in order to make peace and get them to agree to the use of their planet. Things quickly change when the human falls in love with one of the planet’s inhabitants.
This film is epic and beautiful and Cameron was making an obvious statement. Although I normally do not care for films that are long, and really don’t enjoy movies that have any kind of political agenda, this one is different. The length of the movie is quickly forgotten as you fall in love with the scenery and the statement Cameron is making is quite clear and universal, but also something we can all understand.

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  • jason

    James Cameron didn’t direct Point Break. His ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, did.

  • John Guyer

    How is Aliens not on the list?