Sometimes there are great movies made out of books. The cartoon Charlotte’s Web, based on the novel by E.B. White is just one example of a film that does a book justice. There are other times, however, when the book is definitely better than the film. For those of us that read, watching a movie that ruin a book is torture! It’s been my observation that children’s books are usually pretty safe (not always), but those meant for an older audience should probably be watched before you read the book just to keep yourself from not enjoying an otherwise good movie.

5) Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic is a great book. I read this some years ago and laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. The main character is one of those lovable ladies every girl can relate too. She’s adorable, she’s not always financially smart, she’s a bit clumsy, and she’s got a huge shopping problem. The movie falls short of the book, though, and most of that’s because the characters just didn’t come to life the way they could have.

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  • Daniel Wysocki

    Where is “Where the Wild Things Are” on this list of Good Books Gone Wrong?!

  • marlee

    The lovely bones is on my top of ruined books.

  • Amazonwmn

    Cheers on the Twilight assessment. Yes, let’s promote semi-abusive controlling relationships to this entire impressionable pre-teen generation. I’m sure nothing bad could come of it!

  • Alaska Peterson

    Percy Jackson! The books are so good, clever and funny. The films on the other hand…. terrible in comparison

  • Rosalies baby girl

    I think u need to re read the books the reason why Edward left bells was to try and give her a normal human life……

    • Dave

      That’s still controlling, as he’s assessing what’s right for her regardless of what she wants, regardless of the fact that she should be making her own decisions.

  • Juan

    Good list