Sometimes the best movie is the worst movie. Cheesy movies are a genre in themselves and I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have at least one cheesy movie they absolutely love. While there are thousands of Cheesy movies out there (usually in the science fiction or horror realm), I’ve put together a top ten list of the best and most entertaining cheesy films for you to rent on a Friday night.

10) Eight Legged Freaks

Everybody loves spider movies. There’s something particularly terrifying about those crawly little eight legged critters. They get into your cabinets, they crawl across the floor, the walls, and they sometimes even surprise you by dangling from the car mirror. This film doesn’t disappoint. Instead of your average sized spiders, this film is full of giant spiders that trample houses, terrify the town and then encase you in their webs to save for later. It’s all in good fun, really.

9) Attack of the killer tomatoes

You’ll never look at spaghetti in quite the same way. The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is exactly what it sounds like. Tomatoes on the loose. Run, save yourselves!!! Okay, seriously, this movie cracks me up. You have a town being tormented by garden. The tomatoes will kill you, they really will, but they roll to their destination which makes it great. So while you’re watching these tomatoes (some are giant and some are your average sized garden variety) roll onto their next victim, beware of any movements in your kitchen. These things are sneaky.

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