Sam Neill is by far one of my favorite actors. I even bought a signed picture of him on Ebay (I hope it was him who signed it). Anyway, Sam is awesome. He is a very talented actor who can play frightening parts just as well as he can soft and sweet parts. Although it’s not on this list, I was very impressed with his character in The Horse Whisperer. Still, here is a list of the ten best Sam Neill movies out here.

10) The Omen III

Sam did a fantastic job in this as Damien, the son of Satan. The Omen trilogy is creepy, and this particular role is definitely one of his finest. He plays the part of Damien Thorn brilliantly and the movie, especially alongside the others, will be sure to give you the creeps. Watch them together, but you might want to keep the lights on.

9) A Cry in the Dark

This movie is based on the true story of a woman who’s baby goes missing while she’s camping. Sam Neill plays the part of her husband, a man who is devastated as the accusations the child was murdered by the parents grows stronger. However, the search to prove that their baby was stolen by a wild animal, a Dingo, makes for some very intense moments and Sam Neill is once again, amazing in this heart-wrenching film.

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