Turn on the television or browse the web and you can find list after list of those considered the best-looking, or sexiest women in film. GQ magazine has a famous list of 25, has 50, plus Empire Online, and others — the list goes on. Some lists share names, and some have very individual picks. When reading one compilation you may find only the more modern female actors, which is unfortunate because some of the sexiest women by far had their fame before 1970. Then again, if the list was drawn up by someone tending towards nostalgia, they may be a bit out of touch with the more modern female star. After studying all of the internet lists I could find, reading the leading magazine’s opinion, and from my own vast movie-going experience, I have put together a list that is concise, well-blended, and has what I think are all the strongest candidates.

#10 Brigitte Bardot

This classic beauty first appeared on film in 1952 in Crazy for Love, but was admired well before that as a model in Elle magazine. Later she was seen in films like Act of Love with Kirk Douglas in 1953. This was her first American film, and she rose to pin-up status quickly. She retired just before she turned 40, but her beauty was never really forgotten.

#9 Penelope Cruz

Penélope Cruz Sánchez was born in Madrid, and has been known widely outside her own country as the Spanish Enchantress. Her classic dark beauty and that amazing accent place her on almost every list of sexy actresses I have read. She got her start in television but appeared in some 23 or so films in both Spanish and English before probably her first best-known role opposite Johny Depp in Blow. Her career has run from the late 1990’s right up to present with films such as Vanilla Sky and Sahara.

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  • Jillian Joyce Aarsvold

    Why in the fuck isnt Marilyn Monroe #1