Since the dawn of the motion picture, taking a love-interest to the picture-show has remained a popular pastime. But as we all know, in order to continue dating that someone special you must first make it through the crucial, all powerful, but never popular, first date. This article will discuss 10 of the all-time-best first date films from the past thirty years or so. Some you may remember fondly and some you may want to try with someone new.

You first, of course, must choose what it is exactly that you would like to do with this person, assuming you have selected the lucky other half. Selecting the type of first date is an involved process, the discussion of which is unfortunately for another article, but going to a movie has always been, and still is, a safe bet. Looking back over the past years there has been a select group of movies that possessed the perfect blend of attributes, no matter what the genre, to assist in a sometimes awkward, but always special first public encounter. Utilizing extensive research and personal experience the following ten films have risen to the top.

#8 The China Syndrome

Ok, so this film may not be on any other list you may find, but I have a special reason for this one. It was a very successful first date movie for me, in fact it was a first date ever for me and it turned out to be an excellent one. It was 1979 and there was a nationwide debate about nuclear power so a film about a nuclear power plant accident and subsequent cover-up made for an exciting film to take a date to. It stars Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas and had a good balance of action and drama.

#7 Dirty Dancing

This 1987 film starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze has everything anyone could ask for in a great date movie. There is romance, of course, but unlike some romantic movies it’s entertaining for the typical guy. The male lead is cool and tough like most guys wish they were, plus he can dance like crazy. When selecting a romantic movie for a first date you don’t want something too serious, or with too many intimate scenes that may make your time with this new person uncomfortable and this film has a good balance. The music and dancing is great, and the story, while not completely believable is easy to get involved with and enjoy. As is always handy for date movies it also has a happy ending.

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