Whether you are 5 or 50, you are never too old for a good ole’ fashioned kids movie. Of course we have our iconic ones such as Cinderella, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and all that jazz that always cross our minds (and our remotes) from time to time, but there are so many classic kids movies that never fail to bring smiles to our faces, that we sometimes just forget were ever made! Here is our top 8 kids movies that should have more recognition than they do and hopefully by the end of this list, you will have a lot of re-watching, remembering, and catching up to do!

8) Thumbelina

Not quite a ‘Disney princess’, but certainly not a character to be swept under the rug. Thumbelina is a sweet little fairy tale that goes horribly wrong when its main character gets kidnapped. However, the quest to find her before the harsh winter hits is what makes this movie so great. The characters are all so unique, the colors are quite vivid and the story is so endearing; we love Thumbelina.

7) The Great Mouse Detective

Another animated movie that seemed to slip through the cracks, except this one has a bit of a twist. Unlike the generic “damsel in distress” plots that occur in the majority of animated classics, this one is an exciting mystery tale that surely exceeds our pre-conceived expectations. It’s a big darker than more animated films for kids, but that’s what makes it a stand out.

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  • Lae

    I was trying to remember the name of that movie with the traveling band of household items for the longest time now. Thanks for finally putting a name to the memory!