What’s the spookiest, creepiest, greatest time of year? Why, Halloween OF COURSE! Halloween is the only time of year where it is acceptable to walk around in the most ridiculous of outfits (costume or not), eat candy and sweets all around the clock, and partake in some child-like fun, at any age! What could be better than that? However, we all know that everyone’s REAL favorite part about Halloween is the wickedly awesome Halloween television specials and movies that we spend the whole month of October watching over and over again. Although it was really difficult to pick our favorites, here are our top 7 Halloween movies to date!

7) Casper

A sweet tale all about how ghosts aren’t as scary as we think. Casper is an iconic character attribution to the subjects of Halloween and we couldn’t imagine a Halloween without hearing his friendly voice (or his them song that somehow manages to always get stuck in our heads). We love little Casper and all of his sweet friends and this is certainly a movie that we can enjoy (and most definitely do enjoy) at any age.

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