There is nothing that gets us going more than a classic film about dancers. First of all, it’s visually gorgeous to watch any incredible dancer ANYWHERE, and secondly, for some reason, movies about dancers always seem to have really exciting or unusual plots. That, and the fact that the wardrobe is usual to die for and the music is always (well, nine times out of ten) incredible! Whether we dance ourselves, know someone who dances, or absolutely LONGS to be a beautiful dancer on a stage under a spotlight somewhere (don’t lie…you know we all with for that at some point or another), here are our favorite dancing movies that you can all enjoy!

8) Magic Mike

Okay, so this movie isn’t technically about classical “dance”, but hey; stripping technically counts as “dancing”, right? Well, for being the number one movie, according to a chart of box office premiere sales, relating to dance, we felt like it deserved at least our number 8 spot on this list. The men are gorgeous, the plot is hilarious, and this film really counts as every desperate housewives’ ultimate fantasy. Definitely our number 8.

7) Shall We Dance?

What’s a better combination than Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere? Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere with a splash of J. LO! This film is romantic and hilarious; we just can’t get enough of it. Any romantic comedy with Richard Gere as it’s leading man is always sure to be a hit (ask Julia Roberts), and this film was no exception. Simply wonderful music as well.

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  • Jillian Joyce Aarsvold

    I’ve only heard of 3 of these…FAIL

  • tina

    no footloose?

  • TD

    What? No West Side Story?