Previously we wrote about ten celebrities that have changed their names through the course of the years. We mentioned that Natalie Portman isn’t exactly who she says she is. We touched upon actors like Natalie Portman who change their name for privacy reasons while other actresses such as; Marilyn Monroe changed their name because “Marilyn Monroe” had a nicer ring to it than “Norma Jean Baker.” From Faith Hill to Steven Tyler, these next ten names may shock you while you may already know about a few.

Jamie Foxx

It’s true that Jamie Foxx changed his name as the two “Xs” in his name makes clear. When he started doing stand up he wanted a stage name that sounded more like a girl’s. He noticed that female comedians would be called to the stage earlier than guy comedians and quite frankly he really wasn’t pushed on waiting. Therefore, Foxx picked Jamie as it can also be a woman’s name. He chose the last name Foxx to play tribute to one of his idols, Redd Foxx. Is your mind blown yet? Good because we still have nine more!

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster began her acting career at the tender age of three. Since then Foster starred in numerous television commercials before getting her big break starring in the television show, Mayberry R.F.D.. Like other celebrities Foster didn’t change her name for privacy reasons. In fact, she changed her name because Jodie was a nickname her siblings called her. Her real name is Alicia Christian Foster.

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