Have you ever had a pet rat? If so, then you already know what joy and love they bring into your life. Rats are very cool pets and highly intelligent creatures who often get a bad reputation, which is really sad because these tiny creatures do so much for us. Because I hold a very deep love for rats, I’ve compiled a list of films that fellow rat (and mouse) lovers must see. Even if you don’t care for crawly things, these movies are guaranteed to make you look at rats in a different light.

10) Charlotte’s web

While this tale is primarily about a spider and a pig, who among us can forget Templeton, the oversized and selfish barn rat that ends up helping Charlotte get the words she needs to spell in her web? Charlotte’s Web is a timeless classic and Templeton is still very lovable even though he isn’t exactly the most pleasant creature to be around. In the end, his work played a huge part in Charlotte’s success, without Templeton they wouldn’t have been able to save Wilbur.

9) An American Tail

An American tale is the story of Fievel and his family who are mice immigrants from Russia at the turn of the century. When this llittle mouse member, Fievel, gets separated from his family, his adventure truly begins. This cartoon is definitely going to touch your heart and make you cry a little. It is well written, full of hope and it’s great for the entire family.

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  • Aaron

    Rat and mouse are totally different. Some of these are rats and some are mice! Both different!

  • Alex

    what about mouse hunt? that’s one of the best movies about mice!

  • slyguy

    Mouse Hunt is good, but Nothing beats the Rats of NIMH.