It started sometime in the 1990’s and it seems as we move on from year to year the films coming out of Hollywood have lost their originality. Instead of an exciting list of new ideas each season we seem to be getting only a couple original ideas and whole assortment of movies that are either remakes of films already produced years ago, countless sequels, film versions of TV shows, or live-action remakes of cartoons. In some cases this is not necessarily a bad thing, but in many it seems like simply a misdirected attempt at filling a need or making money. It really does seem sometimes that they have just runout of new ideas. Over the years several of these, what I call, wretched replacement films stand out above the rest. The following is my master list of these movies, the order is random because, frankly, one is just as bad as the other. . .

Prom Night (2008)

Director: Nelson McCormick
Production Co: Alliance Films, Newmarket Films

This was one of those completely unnecessary remakes I spoke of. The thing I don’t understand is that if they wanted to make a remake fine, or an original movie, even better, but why redo a movie and make it just different enough to not fall into any real classification. For instance in the original a girl and her friends are killed on Prom Night, right? Fine, so why in the remake is the Prom at a lame hotel? They change the murderer and his reason for killing also. My biggest complaint is why would you make any horror film adapted for PG-13, I mean c’mon it’s a flasher film. Plus, even though I good startle is fun for a scary movie it should not be your only device.

Spider-Man 3 (2007 )

Director: Sam Raimi
Production Co: Sony and Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios

If you can’t get your Spider Man movies straight, this one is where Peter Parker runs into a lump of stuff, apparently from space that makes him go bad. In my opinion they took the franchise one movie too many with this one. There ended up being three villains and although that made for a lot of action, it also made for much confusion do to both writing and blocking from the director. Armed with a fantastic director, a high budget and a heavy crew of effects experts they really could have done so much more with this one. I seem to be the minority in my opinion, though, since the audiences loved it, and as far as I know it is still the production company’s highest grossing film to date. I do seem to have the support of the critics who repotedly felt that enough was enough with the Spidey films.

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