Easily identified as THE most quotable movie of the 21st century, we can’t get enough of Mean Girls. To be honest, I don’t know a single person who hasn’t seen the film less than 5 times (THIS YEAR). This film is a fun high- school dram-edy that we enjoy at all ages, and definitely deserves some recognition (as if it hasn’t already gotten enough) from us. That being said, here we present to you the top 7 Mean Girl’s Moments! Enjoy!

7) “The Burn Book”

At number 7, we have the introduction to the Burn Book. I don’t know about you, but my own middle school had a burn book. I WONDER where they got THAT idea from? The Burn Book has sparked pop-culture as being the ‘ultimate stab in the back’. It’s pretty hilarious that it’s an actual, detailed book. I think what is so funny about this movie, is that all of the real- actors are about twice the age of the characters that they are playing, giving them a perfect realm to play these characters in. It’s all just too, too funny.

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