Trailers are now being shown to promote Enough Said, Nicole Holofcener’s romcom featuring James Gandolfini, who tragically died unexpectedly. It tells the story of Eva (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a single parent working as a masseuse questioning what’s next as her daughter takes the first step towards adulthood and goes to college.

Gandolfini plays Albert. In a similar situation of his own, the pair meet at a party and quickly become close. However, when Eva makes friends with Marianne (Catherine Keener), a new client, Marianne’s constant criticism of her ex-husband finds Eva questioning the state of her fledgling romance.

Knowing that it’s one of Gandolfini’s last performances is bound to add an extra layer of poignancy to the film, due out in the States later this month.

Here’s some other famous faces who died, leaving us with some of their most interesting work in their final film.

4. Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi’s name is synonymous with Count Dracula, a role he revisited many times throughout his career. A highly regarded stage actor in his home country of Hungary, he emigrated to America in 1920 after the failed Hungarian Revolution. Cast as Dracula in a Broadway adaptation of the classic vampire novel by Bram Stoker, he was quickly spotted and cast in the first Dracula film featuring dialogue.

Unfortunately for Lugosi, his European accent made it difficult to attract a wide range of roles and he was typecast in horror movies, frequently playing support to Boris Karloff, despite his proven ability to attract audiences.

Lugosi developed an addiction to morphine and methadone following treatment for sciatic neuritis and his dependency made it harder for him to find work and as time wore on, his career devolved into bit parts and mockeries of his famous Dracula role.
In August 1956, Lugosi died of a heart attack while filming Edward D Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space. Widely considered one of the worst films ever made, the film has developed a cult following because it’s so awful. Wood replaced Lugosi with his chiropractor, who bore no resemblance to Lugosi whatsoever. It was a sad end to what was initially a promising career, and in a fitting tribute to his work, Lugosi was buried in a Count Dracula Cape.

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  • B Maky

    How is Brandon Lee not on here?

    • ISM95

      i was just wondering that as well. :( such a tragic moment and has to be the worst of an actor right in middle of filming

    • lord 4eyes

      you’re right how is he not on here and Heath Ledger is Bradon died making the film Heath was just an idiot who popped pills how does that work

    • Shannon

      Exactly! Why no Brandon Lee?

  • TD

    How is Vic Morrow not on this list? He literally died while making a film.

  • B knight

    Richard harris
    Harry potter