Animals play a huge part in our lives and dogs and cats are no longer juts pets, they’re now part of the family. Sometimes it’s just good to watch a movie that will make you smile, and it’s even better if that movie has one of our little furry friends in it. Here is a list of the top ten irresistible movies for people who love their pets. It’s also a kid friendly list.

10) Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for dogs is a beautiful story about a couple of mischievous foster kids who have a huge heart. When these kids secretly take in a stray dog their world changes forever. The stray dog runs away and the kids find that the dog is hiding out in an old abandoned hotel with a group of other dogs. The kids, risking their own happiness, take it upon themselves to turn their stray dog locale into an all-around dog hotel, keeping their furry friends comfortable even when the kids aren’t able to be there.

9) Cats and Dogs

Trying to save the world isn’t an easy job, especially when you’re a dog. This movie is absolutely hysterical and is full of quirky lines and good action. Cats are trying to rule the world (which isn’t wasy when you’re a cat) and dogs have been keeping them at bay for ages. Now, a human scientist has developed an anti-allergy medicine for people allergic to dogs and the cats want to steal it before it ever gets into the human population. This is a fun movie!

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