As crazy as this might seem; there is NO way that we can ever have a successful film WITHOUT the help of some iconic music. Some songs are written specifically for films, and others are brought to fame because of the film it’s in. Either way, movie songs are pretty spectacular. Here is a list of our top 10 movie songs that changed our lives. You probably know all of the words and can recall EXACTLY what scene you first heard it in, so enjoy this trip down memory lane!

10) “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” by Julie Andrews from Mary Poppins

Here to kick off our list of iconic music, we have this classic hit from Mary Poppins. There is something so magical about Julie Andrew’s voice; we just love anything she sings (she could probably sing the dictionary and we’d listen with open ears). Becoming one of the most iconic phrases (and words, really) of pop- culture history, the “Super” song made it’s debut in the classic Disney film. We just love it (ESPECIALLY the scene where it occurs in the movie!) LOVE.

9) “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” by LeAnn Rimes from Coyote Ugly

Another 90’s hit, here we have “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” from Coyote Ugly. Maybe it was the struggle throughout the movie to result to this song that causes us to love this song so much, and maybe it’s because it has a rockin’ tune. Whichever way you spin it, we couldn’t imagine pop culture without this song. Coyote Ugly will always be a dirty, rip- roaring classic of a film. Every time we hear this song, admit it; we just want to belt it out while standing on top of a table in a bar (and also admit that some of us definitely have in our younger days).

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