It is in this article that we pay tribute to one of the greatest actors to ever step onto our screens: Robert De Niro. Whether he is making us laugh or making us cry; this man is making us feel SOMETHING. He is not only a brilliant actor, but off the screen, he is the most intelligent, stand- up guy I’ve ever met. Robert De Niro can do no wrong! Although he is perfect in any part he has ever played, here are our favorites leading up the GREATEST role he has EVER played! Enjoy!

7) Paul Vitti in “Analyze This”

We start the list off with a light little comedy that Robert De Niro had the pleasure of playing. He graces the screen with his brilliantly funny and ‘bad boy’ character type in this great film! His quick comedic timing in this film is what gives it a spot on our list. He is simply brilliant!

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