There is nothing as awesome as a heart- racing, blood- boiling, and knee- knocking thriller film! It is something that the human race can’t quite explain, but putting ourselves in states of over- flowing adrenaline is something that we can’t get enough of! Whether it’s a pumping psycho thriller, or a dangerous journey of a thriller; we still get THRILLED to the core! Here are our 10 greatest thriller flicks!

10) Flightplan

You may or may not see Jodie Foster pop up a few times on this list, because she is simply brilliant when it comes to thrillers! Flightplan begins with a semi- generic plot or a child that goes missing. However, the plot quickly twists into a psycho thriller as we find out that no one around has any recollection of the child existing, apart from Jodie Foster (the child’s mother), of course. The ending is pretty unexpected and pretty awesome, as is Ms. Foster.

9) Side Effects

A newer film, but definitely a film that earns a solid place on this list. Side effects has some top- rated actors and actresses in it (Catherine Zeta Jones, Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Channing Tatum, just to name a few). The story has many unexpected twists and turns and keeps us on our toes the entire time. Awesome film.

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