Each year the Academy Award hands out an award for Best Adapted Screenplay. This means that a screenwriter took a book or other written material and wrote a screenplay based on that manuscript. It’s hard to adapt a manuscript because fans of the original get very possessive and defensive if the screenwriter doesn’t follow it scene by scene. We all know this is irrational but it doesn’t stop fans from doing it. Here is a list of 10 television shows that we felt honored their precessor. These shows took a book and made it into a popular series.

10. Under the Dome

Probably the most talked about television show of the summer, Under the Dome is based off of Steven King’s book of the same name. King released the book in 2009 and was an instant hit. It follows a small town that wakes up to find that their town is covered by a force field put there by bored adolescent aliens. The television show is loosely based on the book. Some of the characters are the same but the show introduces new characters and new scenarios as well.

09. Pretty Little Liars

Fan Pop

Fan Pop

ABC Family did realize that would have such a hit on their hands when they premiered Pretty Little Liars. Sure the book written by Sara Shepard had a huge fan base but they didn’t know it would take off like it did. The fanbase extends from tweens to young adults as they try to figure out who exactly “A” is. “A” has been terrorizing four friends after “A” kills their friend. These friends are now on a mission to reveal the identity of “A.” “A” has tricks up his or her sleeve and henchmen to do their bidding, so this is going to be one long ride for the girls. The television show doesn’t necessary follow the book scene by scene but fans don’t seem to mind it. They are loving the suspense of the show.

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  • Juan

    Is it books in general?…Cuz The Walking dead is a comic book series or graphic novel…..Try to stick with novels or graphic novels.

  • Felicia

    Jesus CHRIST, way to spoil Under the Dome. I am really glad I read it back when it came out, or I would have a few much stronger words than just “Jesus Christ” to share with you guys.

    • Felicia

      Also, unless the show was called “Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie”, Melissa Gilbert did not play the “title role”, she played the central role. I’d be pretty damned impressed to see a little girl playing a house!


  • Aphrodite

    I really wish they’d have finished the Legend of the Seeker series based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind… The show was amazing! Even though they took some liberties & changed up the plot & characters a bit, it works well! And makes it more interesting! They should do what they did with Sex & the City and make a movie (or movies actually) to complete the series, as we were left with a huge cliff hanger as the series finale.