Being a media-nut, I have watched and reviewed hundreds of movies. I am partial to many different genres and titles, including Fantasy & Science-Fiction films and Gangster movies among others. In college I became interested in Exorcism and Demonology (as a study not a practice). I have read countless books on the subject, some of which are dry and boring. Even the serious documentaries tend to be interesting only to those well-versed in the study.

However, the fictional movies on the subject of demons and exorcism have always been my guilty little secret.

There are many out there, ranging from very good, to total crap. For the newcomer, recommending the very best is not an easy job. Boiling them down to the best 10, 20 or 100 would offer too many titles from which to choose. After much thought, I have trimmed the list down to the 5 best, in my opinion. There are many other good ones, for instance, The Last Exorcism (I not II, thank you) almost made the list, as did the 2012 film The Possession. Even the classic first Omen movie from 1976 might well have been on this list, and all of these I do, in fact, recommend. The following, though, are in my opinion the best.

#5 Possessed (2002)

Director: Siu-hung Chung
Starring: Kwan-Ho Tse, Maju Ozawa, Julian Cheung

This is a Hong Kong film that I first picked up on a couple years ago. I chose it finally for this list because I believe any true connoisseur of horror movies needs to watch the Asian entries. Japan especially produces some of the best I have ever seen. The story is basically about a Christian minister who ends up investigating a potential case of demonic possession stemming from an auto accident that occurred in the past. A young woman from Japan and her friend who both host a paranormal TV show end up requesting the ministers help on an exorcism for their show and get caught up in the plot. In a twist the woman is also being slowly possessed by the same ghost involved in the investigation. The film has some great scenes and if you can get past the badly translated subtitles, you will enjoy this film.

Best Scene: The first exorcism performed by the minister in front of the program’s cameras.

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  • Aaron

    Seriously? The Devil Inside is on this list? The Conjuring should be on here…