Season 15 of Big Brother has been controversial to say the least. With homophobic and racist undertones viewers are up in arms about some of the comments some of the house guests have made. While some are jumping to their defense it’s safe to say when you’re being filmed 24/7 your true colors come out. We thought it would be a fun idea to put together a list of Superlatives. Who’s the Smartest? Who’s the Friendliest? Who do you think got Best Smile?

Most Friendliest- David

We didn’t think it was going to be so hard to come up with that. We had to go all the way back to Week 1. Since all the current house guests have shown their true colors, we couldn’t pick them. Therefore, we had to go with David who was evicted Week 1 in the Big Brother House. David was the 25 year old “surfer dude” who worked as a lifeguard during summer and collected unemployment in the winter. He was friendly with everyone despite other cast members taking sides right away. Not to mention everyone genuinely like him, which they saw as a threat. In Season 12, Hayden went all the way because he was a nice guy, much like McCrae on this season.

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  • Rory

    I agree with most of these except for David. I would label Candice as the friendliest. She was nice to everyone before being ganged up on and essentially bullied out of the house. She was made to be a villain when in reality the only reason why she ever raised her voice was because either Amanda was being a stupid bitch or Aaryn was being a racist. And I admire the fact that she went so long without lashing out because it shows how strong of a person she is. I would say GinaMarie is less most unique and more most pathetic, even though that’s not a title on here. Amanda is without a doubt the biggest bully and a blatant racist and homophobic at that. I seriously cannot wait until someone musters up the balls to put her up, which Andy most certainly does not have. I hope Helen convinces him to. I like Elissa because she’s really been the nicest up to this point, she hasn’t started any conflict and she hasn’t been particularly rude to anyone. She’s another that the entire house ganged up on. But I’m rooting for Helen to win because she’s so good at playing the game, and she’s basically controlling the entire house, even though she won’t admit it. Also, if someone does come back, as Julie has so blatantly hinted to, I’m really hoping the public (who am I kidding, producers) pick Candice to come back in, because I’d really like to see her get a second chance, and maybe win.

  • Layna

    I still miss Howard :(