I have for years been a fan of Mafia and gangster films. I enjoy a good straight gang film like Menace II Society or Boyz in the Hood, but I have made a study of the Sicilian mafia and especially the New York City Five Families. I have read around 20 non-fiction books, many fictions, and of course, watched a ton of films and documentaries. Oh yeah, I also met John Gotti in person in 1985, and he shook my hand. Of the fictional films I have seen, many stand out. Even the ones that aren’t all that historically accurate, like the 1991 Mobsters with Christian Slater, are still a lot of fun to watch. What follows is my favorite 5 films, or at least the ones that I feel are the very best artistically and performance-wise. I hope you enjoy them as much I did.

#5 Gotti (1996)

Director: Robert Harmon, Robert Harmon
Production Company: Home Box Office (HBO)

This film begins with John Gotti in his early years as an made man in the Gambino crime family, one of New York’s famed 5 Families. It watches his rise through the ranks and his anger at his mentor being passed over in favor of Big Paul Castellano for replacement of Carlo Gambino after his death. He eventually orchestrates the execution of Big Paul and the takeover of the Gambinos. It is based on the true history of Gotti and although it was an HBO movie I still consider it worthy of this list.
Best Scene: I like the I forgotti courtroom scene when he gets off on an assault charge.

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  • Aaron

    The only list I agree with!!!!