So we all know that time of year when friends and foes alike get together to relish in the fabulous craft of acting and film, placing bets and hosting parties to find out just who is on top during this year in film. Yes, I’m talking about OSCAR SEASON! The 2013 Academy Awards were pretty fair on the most part (although we are sure that some of you are in high disagreement), but here are our top 5 moments that really took us by shock during the 2013 Academy Awards. You may agree, you may disagree, but you will be shocked to read what we have to say!

5) Anna Karenina for Best Score

Okay, let’s be honest; every single nominee in this category is well deserving of this Academy Awards. However, the music in Anna K really just stands out among the rest! The waltzes and all sorts of classical scores are absolutely beautiful in this film and actually help tell the story of Anna K. While all of the other nominees had fantastic music as well, the movies didn’t depend on their scores as much as Anna K did. The musical score of Anna K made the movie flow, connect, and really POP. We definitely feel like they should have won this award.

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  • Beatrice

    who’s writing these articles? obviously someone who has a big lack of film- and acting knowledge. the personal opinion is something important, but it’s not scientific.
    why these movies or actors were nominated and did not win, was because the winner was in some way better. For example anne hathaway did not “just” sing a few songs and cried, she was pure emotion, interpreted the character like it has been never done before. Her character is breaking right in front of the camera and THAT is the ART of acting.
    And you don’t get an oscar because you do good movies or have done a lot of movies, you get it for the very one performance you’re nominated for. there are awards for life’s achievements for this….