Although this delves away from the movies, Doctor Who has one of the largest followings anywhere. This is another one of those catchy science fiction shows that, much like a God, gathered people from across the globe and enticed them with ideals and promises and hope for a better tomorrow.
I’m a Whovian as well, so I understand.

You might be wondering why I got away from movies for this, after all there are so many Doctor Who episodes and what else can possibly be said about a man in a flying blue police call box? A lot really. But, let’s talk a little about the man inside the big blue box.

The TARDIS is every Whovian’s dream. We all want the Doctor to show up at our doorstep and ask us to be his companion (although I must say, things don’t always end well for his companions). Still, it’s what we long for. I’d even accept just taking a ride in the TARDIS to visit someplace new and wonderful for a day or two, maybe a space spa or something, preferably someplace with Captain Jack Harkness by my side and no weeping angels.

We want to travel through time and space and meet new beings. The biggest question is who would you rather travel with?
There have been a number of doctors over the years, but the most recent two are going to be my focus because we all know that the first Doctor was the very brilliant William Hartnell, and one of the most popular Doctor’s was the very amazing fourth, Tom Baker. Christopher Eccleston is not really one of my favorites (as my son says “He’s too British, not alien enough”) but the ones to follow are where we are going to focus.

David Tennant

I can’t tell you how many women think David Tennant is the best doctor ever. Okay, yes, he’s the sexiest (seriously, I’ll admit it, although Captain Jack will always have my heart), but is the best of them all? I hear a lot of people say yes he is. Tennant nailed the role as the Doctor. He had this ability to make a joke and yet still show his inner sadness and pain form all the hundreds of years of life he’s seen. The way he was able to dramatize his feelings without having to say a word meant that all of us viewers already knew what David Tennant was feeling.

For that we are grateful. He portrayed the Doctor for who he is, a being who has been alive a very long time, has lost a lot of people he loved, and who tends to think his way is the right way no matter what. I suppose if you’ve been around almost a thousand years you would begin to get a sort of God complex.
I love David tenant for his ability to be real with the role. He played the part of someone so much older than his years (which is exactly the role he was supposed to play). Of course, I also loved his humor. David Tennant is brilliant with his one liners as the Doctor and his portrayal of this most amazing and beloved character is definitely one of the, what I would consider, the most accurate possible.

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  • Redwon

    I don’t think this new guy will be better than Tennant, but probably better than Smith.


  • Slyguy

    I’m a Matt Smith fan. But the bad guys were better with David Tennant.

  • Flawless

    I haven’t watched, but I’m intrigued..

  • crunchy

    i’m absolutely in love with david tennant lol….i have to agree he is my absolute favorite doctor. :)

  • gr8k8

    Tom Baker will always be the only doctor for me, I love his curly hair! Peter Capaldi might be pretty cool, I’m just glad it wasn’t a girl they picked.

  • Unduca

    I apologize my mistakes, I’m not a native, sorry.

    I agree with Capaldi as Doctor … Tennant and Smith are great doctors, but sometimes I missed seeing some normal people, not models everywhere (I’m not complaining, Amy Pond is one of the most gorgeous companion I’ve seen), and let’s be seroius, in the new era there’ve been older people (Jackie, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna, River, Wiff) have been better characters than young ones (Rose, Mickey, Martha, Amy …), so I think an older Doctor may be interesting althought he’ll never be as attractive as teenagers’d like to be for covering their folders

  • Stephanie

    The Doctor mentions that Time Lords can regenerate into both sexes in the episode, ‘A Town Called Mercy’. Although I’m glad they didn’t go there either – although the Doctor’s personality does differ with each regeneration, I still look at him as one character and him becoming a woman would have been too different.

  • Mahiah

    DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!! I also like Matt Smith and Sylvester McCoy but I will always love my tenth Doctor

  • Kristy Anderson

    Umm.. Smith’s reign isn’t short lived. He’s been in the role for nearly as long as Tennant was.

  • Amber

    Honestly? I just really liked nine… but I can’t choose between 10 and 11 becouse I liked both for their own reasons. And after watching The day of the Doctor, it makes sense that the new guy is older, because the previous doctrs were running or hiding from there past, after meeting the War doctor and finding out Gallifrey is still there, he stops runnng, is no longer ashamed of his past (I don’t think my explanation does it justice, but you have to excuse me, englis s my second language).