With rumored spin offs of Showtime’s Dexter and AMC’s Breaking Bad, it got us to thinking; do spin-offs ever really work out? Think Joey or Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Did you even know that that was a show? They’re usually cancelled after a few seasons and the fans of the original shows tend to pan the new ones going on about how the original was so much better. And quite frankly, they’re usually right. But once in awhile a spin-off will be highly successful, even more so than the original. Thus, we’ve put together the Top 10 Spin-offs of all time. From old school shows like Frasier to newer shows like The Carrie Diaries these are the top Spin-off shows in television history.

10. The Carrie Diaries

We’re going to put this show at number 10 because it’s only been on for one season. So far, so good as the prequel to Sex and the City got renewed for a second season on the CW. The Carrie Diaries follows Carrie Bradshaw’s (AnnaSophia Robb) life as a high school student in the 80s who has just discovered fashion for the first time.

09. Private Practice

Have U Heard

Have U Heard

When Grey’s Anatomy producers hinted that there would be a spin-off in 2007, viewers wondered who it would follow. When it was announced it would follow Dr. Addison Montgomery, McDreamy’s ex-wife some fans were upset while others couldn’t wait. Although the show was panned by critics, audiences liked it and the show continued on for five seasons before announcing that the 2013 season would be its last.

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  • the doctor

    what about torchwood or the Sarah Jane adventures or k9 and company?

  • Jennifer Lynn Howard

    Nooo what about Xena?

    • ManySkills

      Exactly what I was thinking, idiots!

  • Sloppy Joe

    What about Joey *gets shot and brutally murdered*

  • Emily

    You have angel in there, but not NCIS: LA? So far they are filming season 5, and if its anything like NCIS, it will have another 5 seasons. One of the best spin off tv show out!

    • Meow

      NCIS is a spin off of JAG. Season 8 if i remember correctly.

  • Poisonwc

    I can’t remember the name of it, but there was a really good spin-off from “The Golden Girls” with Richard Mulligan (as the GG’s next-door neighbor pediatrician Harry Westin) and Christy McNichol and Dinah Manoff as his daughters with Park Overall as his nurse. There was also a pretty decent spin-off of *that* show called “Nurses” which took place at the hospital where Harry’s clinic was located.

    • Stevie Neil

      Empty Nest

  • Stevie Neil

    Harriett Winslow from Perfect Strangers to Family Matters. Cleveland Brown from Family Guy to The Cleveland Show

  • Micha

    Law and Order was on for more then 10 seasons, it was like 20 or something. Too lazy to google it, but way more than just 10. Great list though.