Okay folks, let’s be real here for a minute: WHO doesn’t love a movie musical? Yes, we might stab pencils into our ears if we saw them everyday, but there isn’t a single person out there that doesn’t enjoy a good sing- a – long film every now and then, am I right? After much deliberation, we have selected the 10 greatest movie musicals of the 21st century that you MUST see if you haven’t already (seriously though, if you haven’t seen these films, then WHAT are you doing with your life?) We have some comedies, some drama musicals, and even some horror musicals. However, despite the vast variety of genres, there is one thing that each and every one of these movie musicals has in common: they are all SPECTACULAR!

10) Across The Universe

Kicking off our list, we have this original peace featuring the music from The Beatles. The music in this film, of course, is fabulous (as expected), but so is the storyline, costumes, and colors. The actors are so easy to fall in love with and the whole film is a great mix of romance, drama, and even some comedy!

9) Hairspray

Next, we have this classic story- turned movie musical. John Travolta cross dresses AND wears a fat suit (do we need anything else to sell us on this film?). The lead actress is quite good and it’s awesome to see Amanda Bynes during one of her high points (we miss her). The music is great; the characters are all hot; all in all, a great film!

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  • Camilo Martínez

    I’m not quite sure why Les Misérables is so low and how Mamma Mia and Nine are higher than Dreamgirls. Plus Nine did not sweep the Oscars….it only got a Best Supporting Actress Nomination for Penélope Cruz.

  • 94MICK19

    Why are “Nine” and “Mamma Mia” even on this list?

  • Beck

    Les mis was terrible if you compair it to the musical and Sam Barks did a terrible job of Eponine, personally i thought Moulin rouge,and Sweeney Todd were better than Chicago.

  • Resha

    Moulin Rouge? Number 4? Really? That should of made the top 2.
    I’m baffled

  • keke91

    where tf is grease tho!!!!

  • Shannon Mcleese

    I do love Chicago… but why the hell is Les MIs not further up the list? I have seen the live musical and yes Les Mis was made to be a musical, but the film was awe inspiring. All the singing/ acting in the film was LIVE. the actors lead a pianist who played the melody into their earpieces. All songs were sung in full takes so there was VERY little editing available to them and the orchestra played and created the music while watching the actors allowing for more emotion and control over pace and volume than you can get in a theatre where every note is sung as loudly as possible. People don’t understand the work that goes into films like this, unlike films like chicago where everything is prerecorded in a studio months before anyone really knows what their role in the film, or the plot of the film is really about. Don’t get me wrong I do agree with a lot of this list, Sweeney Todd is ingenious and Across the Universe is fantastic, but Mamma Mia ahead of Les Mis?? DId you SEE Piers Brosnan trying to sing? And Nine… seriously? I would maybe understand Nine at number 9, or 10. But LEs Mis should be AT LEAST in the top 3 on this list, and Chicago shouldnt be in the top 3 at all, maybe the top 5.

  • Emily

    A lot of good musicals on this list, but I don’t agree with the placing of quite a few of them.

  • Siobhan Linehan

    I agree with Chicago at number 1! I have it on DVD and watch it all the time, a brilliant movie musical, acted brilliantly by Catherine and Renee! But where are Grease and Saturday Night Fever?! And Mamma Mia is awful! x

    • Julie

      Grease is a 20th century musical. In order to qualify it had to ne made 2000 or later. Only justification for not being included

  • Julie

    Omg where is repo the genetic opera? And the only reason I’m ok with grease not being on here is because these are of the 21st century. Grease is from the 70s making it a 20th century movie

  • Bret Deabler

    they should’ve had dr. horrible’s sing a long blog