Following the announcement of Ed Harris joining the cast of Michael Almereyda’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, Milla Jovovich will be joining him on screen as his Queen. A typical Shakespearean female villain, the second wife of King Cymbeline is scheming, devious and murderous.
The multi-talented Ukrainian born Jovovich has firmly established herself as a talented actress, having already achieved supermodel status as well as having her own clothing line and the casting of her in Cymbeline is exciting news indeed.
Filming is scheduled to begin shortly, but if you want a taste of what to expect, check out one of Jovovich’s other movies, such as:

The Fifth Element

Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element saw Jovovich star alongside Bruce Willis as Leeloo, the so-called Fifth Element who was the power to unite the other four elements and save the world from a Great Evil that manifests every five thousand years.

The original story polarised critics when it was released and the film seems to be one you either love or hate – there is no in between. Some praised its over the top nature and rich visual imagery, while others felt that the plot was fragmented and difficult to follow, missing the mark as a sci-fi blockbuster. Chris Tucker, who played Ruby Rhod, an extravagant talk show host, also divided opinion – some reviews, such as Time and the Los Angeles Times, thought he was brilliant, while Total Film placed him at no.20 on the list of 50 Performances that Ruined Movies.

Besson found himself the subject of a lawsuit when Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giraud sued him for plagiarising their comic The Incal. However the case was thrown out on the basis that very little of Giraud’s artwork had been used; besides, Giraud had been hired by Besson to work on the film before he made his allegations.

Besson praised Jovovich for her work ethic, saying that she ‘worked like hell’ to win the part and the pair married in December 1997, although the marriage subsequently failed.

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