Sure we love the sun, the vacations, the warm weather, and the fun- but what we REALLY love about summer is all of the new and exciting MOVIES released during the most exciting season of the year! As summer 2013 is starting to come to an end, we are choosing now to take a look back on our favorite movies from this summer. From comedy to drama to a little bit of both; here are the movies you DON’T want to miss!

10) The Purge

Here we are to start off our list with this summer’s horror film: The Purge. The reason we enjoyed it so much was actually for the story idea for this film. There really hasn’t been another horror film to depict the idea of the government legalizing crime on the annual “purge day” (I mean, it is kind of out there, but you would assume someone else should have thought it up by now?). The acting was all right, but the story was really what kept us intrigued. The ending had some twists and turns and we really liked the storyline. Bravo.

9) Grown Ups 2

All right, so we couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters all over again in the originally- titled sequel (kidding) to Grown Ups. To be perfectly honest, not much happened in terms of “plot”, but the reason that this film makes our list is because the characters are so dang enjoyable to watch! They all create such an odd, yet lovable dynamic that we love. We sometimes even feel as if we are a part of their families; it’s pretty great. I don’t know if I have much hope for a Grown Ups 3 (hey, you never know!), but this one will suffice us for the time being.

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    No man of steel? that’s it. not visiting this sit ever again.

  • Aaron

    Red 2? 2 Guns? Now You See Me? The Conjuring?