As we, the normal, average people look upon the beauty and perfection of those Hollywood stars that we love so much, we find ourselves living vicariously through them. When their characters become couples on screen we find ourselves rooting for them. If they should end up becoming a real couple off set we simply go nuts. Only we strange obsessed Americans could come up with couple-monikers like Bennifer or Brangelina. Ask a typical young adult in the US who is doing what in government at any given minute and their clueless. Ask the same person who is dating whom in Hollywood and they answer in .5 seconds. The following is my list of favorite movie couples that got together in real life. Enjoy!

#21. Courteney Cox & Brian Van Holt

Met on the Set of. . .Cougar Town, still dating last we heard.

#20. Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato

Met on the Set of. . . Camp Rock, their relationship ended in 2010.

#19. Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus

Met on the Set of. . . Last Song
Hemsworth and Miley got engaged in late 2012. Rumors are that they had a secret wedding also.

#18. Justin Long & Drew Barrymore

Met on the Set of. . .He’s Just Not That Into You
Which may have been the case because they split in 2010 and Barrymore married Will Kopelman, in December she gave birth to their first baby.

#17. Shia LaBeouf & Megan Fox


Met on the Set of. . .Transformers
There had been rumors she and LaBeouf were dating, and he finally verified them in an interview in the August 2011 issue of Details magazine.

The relationship did not last long, now Megan Fox is married to Brian Austin Green.

#16. LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

Met on the Set of. . . Lifetime TV’s Northern Lights
At the time they both were married to other people, their affair ended up causing each couple to divorce their partners. They then got engaged in December of 2010. So much for America’s sweetheart.

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    There are several grammar mistakes within this article, I couldn’t even readit.