We know them and we love them, and quite frankly; we just can’t get enough of them! From being read to as a child before bedtime, to reading to our own children at bedtime: fairy tales are all around us! The greatest craze lately is watching our favorite fairy tales come to life on the big screen through all sorts of new films and features! Although we couldn’t possible EVER choose a favorite fairy tale (obviously), here is a list of our top 10 favorite film adaptations of some wonderful fairy tales. Take a look and see if yours made our list!

10) Shrek

So we know that Shrek TECHNICALLY isn’t based on one SPECIFIC fairy tale, but this film is such a staple in our animated classics, that we couldn’t bear to make a list without it! Shrek is such an original tale that creates a story using at least ONE part of every fairy tale known to the human race! Forever a classic!

9) Hook

It doesn’t get any better than Robin Williams as Peter, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook, does it? The story of Peter Pan comes to LIFE (with many interesting twists and turns) in this classic film that we love oh so very much.

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  • Dragoon11792

    Black Swan was a terrible ripoff of Perfect Blue (a truly terrifying, but amazing anime).

    • Shannon Mcleese

      anime, seriously? Black swan is based on real events and a fairytale which is hundreds of years old, not some anime thing. I know I’ll get shot for saying this, but anime and japanese/ korean animated films are WAY overrated. Just saying.

  • Sandra

    Seriously tangled, enchanted and snow white and the huntsman, a completely ridiculous list!