There are some movies that just stick in your mind after you watch them and make you afraid of things…like taking a shower. In the spirit of the (almost) season, I’ve compiled a list of the thirteen scariest movies of all time. Yes, I know there are numerous scary movies out there, these are the ones that really stuck in my mind and terrified me.

13) Halloween

I think the thing that makes this movie creepy is the fact that he seems so emotionless. It’s as if there’s nothing at all going on in his mind except murder, and he’s not even angry about it. It was a toss between this and Friday the 13th, but I think Halloween is a bit more chilling.

12) The Entity

This movie is terribly underrated as a horror film and although I never recommend any of these films for kids, this one I definitely recommend keeping for the adults. Not only is this horrifying in the supernatural sense, it’s also based on actual events which was enough to terrify me for years.

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  • Daniel Wysocki

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also actually based on true events. However, these events fid not take place in Texas, they took place in Wisconsin.

    • Poisonwc

      You are correct, but “Wisconsin Chainsaw Massacre” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, ya know?

      • Poisonwc

        It just *sounds* like something that would happen in Texas.