From the very first buddy-film or super-hero-and-sidekick movie there have been duos cast together that have stood out more than others. In fact, the formula of mismatched cop partners has been so successful it has been able to cross genres making great comedies as well as dramas and thrillers. As can always be expected some duos work better than others, some have great chemistry, some are so different they work better than others, and some are just so bizarre it is amazing that they managed to function at all. When I worked on this list I was taking into account the actors mostly, not their characters. Any decent writer and/or director will use character interaction and opposition to create drama or comedy. What is really cool is when two actors have natural chemistry, like William (Bud) Abbott and Lou Costello, Laurel and Hardy, even Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World fame. But remember, in chemistry, when you mix two things together, sometimes you end up with something wonderful and sometimes the completed compound stinks to high heaven or blows up in your face! This list is not really a countdown but gets the point across all the same.

#20 – Thelma & Louise – GOOD

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon star as best friends that go on a crime spree road trip. Twenty-two years after its release and it is still one of the best female empowering partner-in-crime movies around

#19 – Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd – WEIRD

Both of these two have independently formed comic genius that works so well together that combined with a genuinely fun and adventurous movie franchise, you just can’t go wrong.

#18 – R2-D2 and C-3PO – GOOD & WEIRD

There is hardly a person on earth who does not know these two on sight and by sound. They are the classic underdogs that help to save the day.

#17 – John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson – GOOD

In the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, playing Vincent and Jules, the quirky, intelligent but ruthless henchmen who navigate their way through this Quinton Tarantino classic. Shooting on-liners the whole way.

#16 – Woody and Buzz – GOOD

Toy cowboy and spaceman lead a group of friendly, quirky playthings in Pixar’s Toy Story, and the subsequent sequels. All successful, charming and funny.

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  • the doctor

    wall-e was made in 2008, not 1980.

  • the doctor

    also, David tennant and Billie pipper and Catherine Tate, and matt smith and Karen gillain. they worked really well together in doctor who!