I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t absolutely love Tom Hanks. He’s one of the most talented actors out there in Hollywood and he appeals to us all on a very real level. With Hanks we feel as if we could be him, he’s very real and very honest as an actor. For that, I’ve dedicated a must see list to him for all of you who also love him as much as I do.

10) The Terminal

This film is going to make you cry. Tom plays the part of an immigrant whose country is no longer recognized by the United States and therefore he can’t get past customs in the New York JFK Airport, he also can’t return home. This is loosely based on a real life story, which makes it even more tragic and during this entire film I was just angry that the world is so cruel and idiotic…and I’m not going on that tangent again. Watch this movie, it’s beautiful.

9) Joe versus the Volcano

Have you ever seen Joe versus the Volcano? Okay, if not then you have to find a copy of this movie right now! This is one of Tom’s funniest films and I love this movie. He and Meg Ryan make movie magic together in this. Tom plays the part of a guy who is an extreme hypochondriac and is told by a large corporation’s fake doctor he has a ‘brain cloud’. Then, he’s offered a large sum of money to sacrifice himself into the volcano of an island the company needs for natural resources. The head of the company’s daughter is the sea captain of the yacht that escorts Tom to the island, but things take a different turn when he and the captain fall in love.

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  • Desislava

    i can proudly say the Tom Hanks is the only actor that would make me watch every single movie of his… can’t wait to see him as Walt Disney… my favourite though is Philladelfia

  • steph

    how could you leave out turner and hooch it’s hilarious!

  • alex c

    Splash! Splash was the first Hanks movie i remember seeing, and u havent seen it, u must do so asap! Big is probably my favorite though!

  • Pontus

    The Da Vinci Code sucks, Cast Away owns!

  • TD

    Nothing in Common is a little known (or at least little-remembered) Tom Hanks movie. It was also Jackie Gleason’s last film. Hanks make the transition from comedic to dramatic actor, all within the course of this movie. He is nothing short of brilliant. Nothing in Common also stars Eva Marie Saint, Bess Armstrong and Sela Ward.

  • Bret Deabler

    cloud atlas