Pixar’s next movie, The Good Dinosaur, is based on the premise that the Earth was never hit by a large asteroid, which means that dinosaurs ended up developing their own society alongside early humans. The film boasts an all-star cast including John Lithgow, Neil Patrick Harris, Frances McDormand and Judy Greer and follows the fortunes of an Apatosaurus named Arlo (played by Lucas Neff) who sets off on a quest for peace after his community is hit by tragedy. His adventures see him team up with an unlikely companion, a young human called Spot.

Dinosaurs have long been popular in the movies and here’s a selection of some of the best.

King Kong

King Kong is an epic remake of the 1933 film of the same name – and by epic, we’re talking 3 hours 7 minutes’ worth of epic. It relates the story of the giant gorilla who falls in love with the beautiful Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) when a film crew travels to King Kong to make a movie.

Director Peter Jackson had had a long love affair with the tale ever since he saw the original film when he was nine. He attempted to film his own version at the tender age of 12, but was forced to give up when he couldn’t recreate the special effects. However, it remained his favourite film and he read as much as he could about how the film was made and even paid tribute to it by making Skull Island the birthplace of the zombie plague in the 1992 film, Braindead.

One of the classic scenes in the earlier film is when Kong battles a dinosaur and Jackson takes this a step further in his vision, making dinosaurs a much more prominent part of life on Skull Island. Somehow, the creatures on the island were unaffected by the global extinction that saw dinosaurs die out everywhere else, and they’ve subsequently evolved into even more deadly versions of the killer reptiles, while other, more familiar, beasts have grown into giant sized versions of their regular selves.

The Academy Award winning film was one of the highest grossing films Universal Pictures ever made and was loved by the critics, although some commented on the length. Nevertheless, many considered it to be one of the best films made that year.

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