The Lone Ranger is shortly to open in the UK, having been entertaining American audiences for the past few weeks. Or at least, attempting to entertain – the general consensus is that the overlong film suffers from a weak script and an overreliance on action scenes and is probably best avoided.
Still, The Lone Ranger is by no means the first bad Western film to be made. Here’s the five worst Westerns of all time.

5. Jonah Hex

Josh Brolin took the title role in Jonah Hex in the 2010 comic book adaptation. Hex was a Confederate cavalryman until he refused an order to burn down a hospital and ended up killing his best friend’s son. After the war, his friend, Turnbull (John Malkovich) seeks him out for vengeance and forces Hex to watch while he slaughters his family. Turnbull then brands his initials on Hex’s face, before leaving him to die.

However, Native Americans find Jonah and manage to save him from dying. However, due to his close brush with death, Jonah now has the ability to temporarily resurrect corpses he is in physical contact with, although once he breaks contact, the body returns back to death. Turnbull had his revenge – now it’s Hex’s turn.
Critics hated it and it bombed at the box office. There is little positive to say about the film, which was named Worst Picture by the Houston Film Critics Society. It was also nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards, Worst Actress for Megan Fox (who played Lilah Black, Hex’s love interest) and Worst Screen Couple for Megan Fox’s accent and Josh Brolin’s face.

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