There is nothing greater than a TRUE kick- ass, BFF duo on the screen. Whether they are partners in crime, sisters in the hood, prison mates, crazy co- workers, or even a duo of dumb and dumbers- we LOVE watching a power- duo tear up the screen! Although our DREAM duo was created already (Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy in The Heat was TO DIE FOR; admit it, they were your dream duo too!), here is a list of our top 10 on- screen BFFs that we just DREAM of, starting with 10 and leading up to our number 1 (you WON’T want to miss this!)

10) Natalie Portman & Angelina Jolie

This is our ideal femme fatal team. Couldn’t you imagine the two of them as a team together in an epic spy flick or something? They both absolutely stunning and possess such a strong on- screen presence (they probably have the same striking essence off screen too), and let’s be honest, they both kind of scare us a little (which is a good thing, don’t worry!). This pairing would be awesome!

9) Susan Sarandon & Barbra Streisand

These glamorous ladies would make great on screen besties! We love their sense of humor, we admire their class, and we are in awe over their gorgeous looks! They would compliment each other so well on the screen and we hope that one day we could see that happen (maybe even perhaps a musical?) Who knows!

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