Admit it; there’s nothing that your hopelessly romantic heart melts over more than the PERFECT on- screen movie couple, right? Sure there have been some pretty EPIC ones, but imagine if we could choose our own? Like many of you, we already have our dream movie couples at the ready! Read ahead to see if you agree with us because in our opinions; they would be INCREDIBLE!

10) Selena Gomez & Jesse McCartney


We had to kick off our list with a young, sweet dream couple such as this one. Both pretty good actors (see Jesse McCartney’s latest stint on Army Wives! He does pretty, freakin’ well!), both good looking, and both generally, down to earth, lovely people (or so it appears off screen). We would love for this duo to star as a leading couple.

9) Kevin James & Melissa McCarthy

The powers of funny and shameless UNITE in this dream couple. I mean, could you just imagine this pair as movie- husband and wife? They would blow us all away with their hilarious- ness. I vote we all get in touch with some voters and protesters and make this happen a.s.a.p. Who’s with me?

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