Some days I wonder if I would rather marry a cop or a mafia man. They both have appealing benefits to them, but I would say the food on a mafia table is probably better, wouldn’t you? But then, there’s an awful lot of excitement that would go along with that and I’m not sure I’m that much of a daredevil.
Mafia movies always get me though. Ever since I watched The Godfather for the first time, and fell in love with Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall (okay, yes, we all love Al Pacino, but I’d rather have Tom Hagen any day) mafia movies have been a very big part of my movie watching life. Here’s a list of my favorite mafia films of all time. Which one is yours?

10) Reservoir Dogs

This is most definitely Quentin Tarantino at his absolute best! I, personally, am more of a Robert Rodriguez fan, but I went over to the Tarantino side for this one. This film is what happens when you don’t trust the ones you hire for a heist. Seriously, I think Steve Buscemi was only one who didn’t die, if I remember correctly? I do recall that this one had me enthralled and I will always recommend this as the Tarantino “must see” film as well as a great mafia movie (but because the ‘mafia’ thing wasn’t exactly Tommy guns and big dinners, this one is at number ten.

9) The Untouchables

Al Capone was a mastermind and this movie is a fantastically brilliant way to introduce the FBI as the ‘good guy’ in a mafia movie (we tent to idolize the mob in most of these films, don’t we?). The Untouchables has an all-star cast including Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner and is a film I fell in love with instantly. The accountant who was going through Capone’s books was brilliant and I thought he was the real hero of the day, but seeing these FBI guys with their guns and cool moves, well…it made me cheer for the good guys for once.

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  • Kevin

    What about The Departed? Thats a awesome movie!!!