In an interesting turn of events, it’s just been announced that Hugh Grant will be playing the chief of British Naval Intelligence in Guy Ritchie’s latest movie, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Known for playing rather awkward romantic leads, it’s a bit of a departure for Hugh Grant, whose film career has been quiet recently while he focuses on his two young children.

If you need your memory refreshing with some classic Hugh Grant movies, here’s the pick of the best.

5. Notting Hill

Who else but Hugh Grant could play the owner of a travel bookshop who falls in love with a Hollywood superstar (played by Julia Roberts)? More importantly, who else could make it believable that the pair of them end up going off into the sunset together to live happily ever after?

One of the many Richard Curtis films featuring Grant (the pair have worked together on no fewer than five movies), Notting Hill, is a sweet romcom about Will Thacker, independent bookshop owner living in Notting Hill with his rather eccentric housemate, Spike (Rhys Ifans). A chance encounter with the Hollywood actress Anna Scott sees sparks fly between the pair and an unlikely romance blossoms.

Unsurprisingly, the film was compared to Four Weddings and a Funeral, so it had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, Notting Hill was equally charming – light, witty, with an appropriate fairy tale ending. Critics loved it and it won a BAFTA, as well as other awards.

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  • Mark

    I would have put Nottingham Hill first. It is a perfect movie.