One thing that I have learned over the years as a movie and media buff, it’s that a fan will buy just about anything you put in front of them if it has the name of their favorite subject on it. If you happen to be a movie fan then the possibilities are endless. Just about anything you can think of can be made to represent that movie or actor that you are obsessed with. In my time working in the industry I have seen some pretty incredible things being sold in the name of the movies. My favorite, though, have always been the ones that are humorous. Don’t ask me, I just identify with the funny and ridiculous. The following list is made up of the absolute funniest products that I could find that have been made and sold in tribute to motion pictures. I think you will be surprised and amused at what I have found.

#13 – Regan Bobblehead


This item cracks me up. It is definitely in bad taste but, hey, that’s why it’s so funny. It is a bobblehead of the famous scene with Regan, the little girl from The Exorcist. She is sitting up on her bed which has been wrapped with padding just like in the film. The detail is distgustingly accurate and the spinning of the head is. . .well, self-explanitory.

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