Liam Neeson is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. Coming from a very down to Earth background, this very brilliant actor went from his daily Irish life to being one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood. Who can blame them? He’s gorgeous, he’s got amazing charisma, and he is full of talent. He’s made a lot of movies lately (some better than other, to be sure), but I’ve compiles a list of the top ten Liam Neeson films you must see.

10) Kinsey

Kinsey is the story of Alfred Kinsey who was a pioneer in researching the sexual habits of people. While this might not seem like a big deal nowadays (when sex is everywhere, it seems) this was a very taboo topic during Kinsey’s time. Neeson is amazing in this movie, which in my opinion, is highly underrated.

9) Star Wars Episode 1

I’m back to Star Wars! It was difficult for me to picture Liam Neeson in any sort of Star Wars role. I don’t know why, but it just didn’t seem to really suit his personality (he doesn’t strike me as being a science fiction kind of guy). Still, he did an excellent job in this film, but I much prefer him in the real-life action films as opposed to the science fiction flicks.

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  • ckbeal

    Dumb. Have you ever heard of “Schindler’s List”?

    • Micha

      Right, that’s one of the best movies period.