In another article and list I mentioned my thoughts on Hollywood and their lack of original ideas lately. For some odd reason they think that it would be so much better to remake an old movie, or better yet make a film version of an old television show. Yes, in some rare cases it seemed to actually be a good idea, or at least the resulting film was good. In most cases, though, what happened was what you would think, a big-ol’ flop. Now that does not mean they always lost money on those films, they still raked it in a few, and sometimes the critics even said a few nice things, but most of us were not fooled. I have scoured the records, and the memory of my friends and myself, and put together a set of TV shows that Hollywood remade into movies, both GOOD and BAD, arraigned by type – to serve as a warning to the curious.

Action, Adventure, and Crime Shows This is the widest category with many types of shows included here. As you will see with sitcoms, bringing back shows from past decades seems to be the key here. What happens then is anyones guess.


21 Jump Street(2012) (1987)


Directors: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson star as a pair of goof-up cops sent back to a local high school, undercover, to stop a synthetic drug ring, which is totally different than the original show’s plot which was cool for the 80’s.

Land of the Lost (2009) (1974)

Director: Brad Silberling
Will Ferrell is Dr. Rick Marshall, and on an expedition he is thrown into a space-time vortex with his assistant and a survivalist. Like the original, this world is full of dinosaurs. Unlike the show, the movie is terrible, the show was at least entertaining for its target audience.

Starsky & Hutch (2004) (1975)

Director: Todd Phillips
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play the two detectives from the original show. In the show they were tough, real cops. The movie adds humor that shouldn’t be there, making them look like two fools instead of two, hard-nosed cops.

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  • Juan

    This by far one of the worst lists by far. This is all over the place. You have to be on crack if you think 21 Jumpstreet is bad. It’s not the same, but it does extremely well with what it needs to do for this generation and paying homage to the old series.

  • Emily

    In the future, if you’re making a list over good and bad remakes or whatever, have maybe all the good ones first, then the bad ones or vise versa. Otherwise it can get a bit confusing trying to figure out which film lands in which category

  • Dave

    This list is appalling. Lost in Space, Charlie’s Angels, Aeon Flux, and THE LAST AIRBENDER? The last airbender? Really? I honestly think these lists are written just to annoy or provoke people. There’s no way someone could be that tasteless.

    • Per Erickson

      Lost In Space and Charlie’s Angels WERE good, but I’ve never seen the other 2. I know TLA was the worst choice they could have made though.

  • David

    Disgusts me, that you think 21 Jump Street is a bad film. It’s brilliant. Stupid article, silly authors!

  • nik

    The last airbender… good… are you drunk!

  • NOPE

    The Last Airbender was terrible. It had no relation to the series, so much information was wrong. AND THEY PRONOUNCED TWO OF THE THREE MAIN CHARACTERS’ NAMES WRONG THE WHOLE MOVIE…you are a ding a ling if you think it was good. There is a reason another hasn’t come out haha

  • JESS

    Whoever compiled this list is clueless. While Dukes of Hazzard was a little lame, it was still and enjoyable film that didn’t confuse me at all. You have to question the integrity of someone who classes The Last Airbender as a ‘good’ remake of a decent original. It is notoriously not only one of the worst remakes of all times, but also one of the worst films in general.

  • Pissed Off Reader



  • chris

    I agree with some of the movie choices this list picked but “This is a very good live-action version of the anime-story of the
    adventures of Aang, the next in the line of Avatars, who has to learn
    his role plus stop the Fire Nation from enslaving all the other nations.
    It does the story justice.”

    is just unacceptable, it makes this list really really stupid, anyone who saw the anime was offended with the movie, the director treated westerner viewers as stupid, and alot of was changed to keep it simple, anyone who acted in this movie had not seen the tv show, it was just one big turd, the movie ruined any fans hope of seeing a good movie tranlastion, the movie DOES NOT do the story justice, it destroyed any fans hope of seeing a really good translation to flim.

    so in short: the list sucks because of that

  • Ryan

    The fact that 21 Jump Street is under BAD instantly kills any validity this article has.

  • Lynette

    The Last Airbender, good!? It missed all the humour and quite a lot of plot and turned a kids loved show into something quite dark and sour for kids of ten to fourteen especially compared to the series, and don’t get me started on my personal opinion. Lots of people know that it was a very bad remake, it’s notorious for it. If the next one was to come out, it may have a shot at redeeming itself, but then again it might not because Book Two was not all sunshine and rainbows either. And it still irritates me that some plot points key to further on in the story was ignored or changed. Part of the original story is character interaction and evolution, which was nowhere up to standard. If it was a stand alone performance it may have saved itself, but it started as a direct retelling then fell off the wagon.
    And the Flintstones!? I loved it. It sounds like you are turning a dislike for two actors into your sole argument for hating the movie. I liked seeing them in something different and they didn’t do a bad job. I love both versions. The movie was trying to make it more humanised and the novelty never wore off for me. I think they were going for something different than what every man and his dog had seen in the series. I found the humour in the effects and they kept me amused the whole time. I think the movie can stand alone in its own right. And Viva Rock Vegas was almost better than the first.
    I agree that the 2002 Scooby Doo was great.The ones since are nowhere near up to par for me.

  • jade

    the last avatar. no. Just no. they couldn’t even pronounce some of the names right. No.